Large coal-fired reciprocating grate hot water boiler heating industry (58MW DHW series)

Case introduction

The winter in Liaoning Province is long and cold. As an important heating device, the stability of the boiler operation will directly affect the life of the people. In order to successfully complete the central heating task in winter, Huludao Longgang District Heating Co., Ltd. , held an open bidding in the whole country for the coal-fired hot water boiler. The coal-fired hot water boiler produced by ZOZEN is famous in the northern boiler market for its excellent performance, reliable operation and friendly environment protection. Huludao Longgang District Heating Co., Ltd preferred ZOZEN boilers and ordered 2 sets of DHW series coal-fired boilers.

Posted 2019-12-01

This series of boilers adopts horizontal single-drum reciprocating grate structure. Since the reciprocating grate has the characteristics of good fire performance and high combustion efficiency, the DHW series coal-fired hot water boiler has higher furnace temperature and more effective combustion and lower carbon content in the fly ash. Meanwhile, supplying air from unified wind chambers with equal pressure and regulating air distribution in micro zone also reduce the carbon content of the slag. In addition, Both the boiler body and the middle partition wall adopt membrane water wall completely sealed structure. The flag convection heating surface is also designed with equal flow velocity to reduce fly ash and further improve the heat transfer coefficient, which ensures the warmth of the masses in Longgang Distric with sufficient heat source protection.

ZOZEN was indeed a trustworthy enterprise. We were very satisfied with the equipment produced by ZOZEN. Both quality and performance were very good, which provided a strong guarantee for us to complete the winter heating work for residents in the area.

  • Project boiler medium:Hot water
  • Capacity:58MW
  • Location:Huludao, Liaoning
  • Equipment:DHW58-1.6/130/70-All

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